If you do not want to be in the program

How to opt out

You do not have to enrol with MEP. If you do not want to be enrolled, you must complete this opt-out form (PDF 110.34 KB)within 10 days of receiving notice that your order has been filed with the program.

To opt out, both the recipient and the payor must agree.

Whether you choose to enrol in MEP or not, payors are still responsible to make the payments outlined in their court order.

How to request to have your order withdrawn from enforcement by MEP

Either the recipient or the payor can make a request to have the order withdrawn from enforcement by filling out the Request for Withdrawal form (PDF 40.61 KB).

The director will review your request and may agree to withdraw your order from enforcement.

Even if the director grants your request to withdraw, and MEP is not enforcing the order, the order is still valid and the payor must continue to pay support.

If the request is granted, the director can still enforce any fees owed to the program.