How to enrol

You need a court order or a separation agreement registered with a Nova Scotia court before you can enrol. Once an order is issued by the courts, it is automatically provided to MEP. However, you must complete an enrolment form to get started. Make sure the courts have your most up-to-date mailing address.

If you are the recipient (the person receiving the money):

If you are the payor (the person paying the money):

  • We will contact you after we receive a copy of your court order.
  • If you want an enrolment form, contact us and we will send one.
  • You can also print the enrolment form (PDF 91.5 KB), fill it in, and send it to us.

It can take up to 2 weeks to complete the enrolment process once we receive your forms. It will take longer if information is incomplete so it is important to make sure your forms are complete and accurate.

If you need help to fill out forms

In some communities there are organizations with volunteers who help people fill out important forms.
You can visit the 211 Nova Scotia website, call 211 from any phone in Nova Scotia, or contact ReachAbility to see if there is a service like that in your community.