My Account

You can sign into MEP Online any time to see

  • the most up-to-date status of your account
  • if any arrears are owing
  • what, if any, enforcement actions are in place

In order to sign into MEP Online, you will need

  • your case ID
  • your PIN (personal identification number)
  • Internet Explorer as your browser
  • a computer, tablet, or smartphone that is not an Apple/Mac; the current MEP Online does not work with Apple or Mac products (including iPhones and iPads). If you'd like to try our new MEP Online that supports mobile and smartphones devices, you can sign up using your existing Case and Pin#.

Sign In

Are you signing in for the first time?

The first time you sign into MEP Online, a dialogue box will pop up. To get to your account, you must choose either

  • Grant always or
  • Always trust content from publisher

You will then be able to sign in using your case number and PIN. You will only see this pop-up box the first time you sign in. Every time after that, you will go straight to the MEP sign in screen.

Need help?

If you are having a problem signing on to MEP Online:
call 902-424-0934 in HRM
call 1-855-322-0934 outside HRM