How do I receive my maintenance payments?

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the most secure way for you to receive your payments. Fill out this direct deposit application (PDF 230.18 KB) to get started.


You will only receive your maintenance payment by cheque if you do not have access to direct deposit.

How long does it take for payments to be processed?

  • If the payor sends us the payment by electronic transfer, we can process the payment within 2 business days. However, it may take longer to reach your account.
  • If the payor sends us a cheque, we deposit it into our bank account and wait until we know the funds have cleared the bank before we send the money to you. Processing times are
    • 6 days for cheques drawn on banks within Nova Scotia
    • 10 days for banks outside Nova Scotia
    • straight days, including weekends and holidays—not just business days
  • If we are taking enforcement action against a payor who is late or misses a payment, we will try our best to get your support as quickly as possible.