Other employer responsibilities

Do not dismiss, discipline, or discriminate against the payor because of garnishment. That is against the law.

Notify us immediately if the person does not work for you.

Do not speak to the support recipient (the person who is supposed to receive the money). If they contact you, advise them to speak with MEP.

If the employee has been laid off, fired, or is unable to work, notify us within 10 days (including weekends and holidays) of the employee’s change of status.

  • Send us a letter that includes the employee’s name, MEP case number, and the reason why you are no longer deducting and remitting support payments.
  • If the employee is receiving short- or long-term disability payments, tell us the name of your organization’s insurance carrier.

Your employee has a right to privacy. Do not tell anyone about the employee’s garnishment. The only people who need to know are the employee and the staff responsible for making the deductions and sending them to us.

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